Charles Cohen

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Hailing from Philadelphia, Charles Cohen is a musician and composer whose work straddles the line between electronic experimentation and the unfettered philosophy of free jazz. Performing and creating music since 1971, his work is entirely improvisational in nature and produced solely on a vintage Buchla Music Easel synthesizer, an extremely rare integrated analog performance instrument made by synthesizer pioneer Don Buchla.

Inspired to explore this path through the work of lauded free jazz pianist Cecil Taylor, Cohen is an avid collaborator, having worked for many years with musician Jeff Cain in their group The Ghostwriters. More recently, he has collaborated with another Philadelphia musician — hair_loss, who also performs as part of Metasplice — dubbed Color Is Luxury, a purely improvisational, all electronic performance vehicle.

With few recorded or commercially available works to his credit, Cohen prefers to concentrate on creating electronic music as live performance. Morphosis’ Morphine imprint recently issued a trio of archival recordings from Cohen, however; which were received to much critical acclaim.