foans on soundcloud

One may be able to pick up on the atmosphere of Denver and surrounding area in the work of elusive FOANS. This fractional, clean, and typically optimistic style reflects the jagged peaks, futuristic vibe, and daily sunshine found in central Colorado. While his music is accessible for either dancing or watching a clear spring day pass by from the comfort of your bed, FOANS has just about trademarked a unique aural nostalgia, one that jots the memory with clubby leitmotifs, accented by overarching specks of emotionality. His Bandcamp, laden with neon-colored, surreal album covers, which accordingly represent the mood of each respective album, can also serve as a veil to cover a day in, a type of shell to place around wherever you are: you can play these albums back-to-back and still feel compelled to contently sigh three hours later. Although each of the albums are different, FOANS’ style remains distinctive throughout his digital and evolving discography.