CMKY 2012: Installations & Art

Posted: April 25, 2012

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for! While you’re still biding your time, have a closer look at our wonderful array of multimedia installations, many of which will be on display for the duration of the festival and longer. Learn more about the spectacular work by our friends from Meow Wolf and other artists, then scope out the full program guide. Passes and tickets for individual events are still on sale; you can find them right here.


Meow Wolf’s Factories, a vibrant yet toxic cityscape, will be on display Saturday night at RA Presents: A Tribute to American Techno at Apex Movement, beginning at 10 p.m.

Destination Walk

The 18th century collides with whimsical, neon fabrics for Destination Walk, which includes three projects: [G]L[O]W, Milieu and Water Music (located on the Boulder Creek Path).

Glow Forest

A day and night destination, take a moment to visit the Glow Forest before, during or after your festival experience (ongoing at 9th and University).




A milieu is the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops. As such, this traveling piece by Meow Wolf is a study of space, environment and self-awareness (located on the Boulder Creek Path).



Water Music

Created by Nathan Wheeler, Water Music is an experiential sound sculpture utilizing automated instruments made exclusively from found and reused objects and powered by kinetic energy from Boulder Creek (located on the Boulder Creek Path).

Darkness / Formless / Fabulous

Located in Norlin Library, this ambitious installation depicts the creation and destructions of universes, combining text, visual art and interactivity.

Centroidal Docket Station

Ongoing at BMoCA, this special group installation is a collaboration of Meow Wolf and CMKY.


You can find this roaming installation by Meow Wolf “in the darkest of places where the light shines the brightest.”


AudioPixel develops interactive and audio-reactive lighting technology. AudioPixel’s next-generation software brings dynamic programming to any number of individually controlled LEDs and / or Lights in 3D space. Driven by a sleek graphical interface and a robust 3D editor, our versatile software solutions offer a new paradigm of lighting control, while bringing traditional DMX lighting to new levels. AudioPixel will be on hand at both Apex Movement events.


A world-class techno producer, Deniz Kurtel is also an accomplished LED artist. This piece, which she is taking with her on her tour supporting her recent album, The Way We Live, creates an isolated space of being for participants with the hypnotizing effect of infinite reflections that she achieves with see-through mirrors and LEDs (on display during Wednesday Nightcap, Wednesday, 9:30 p.m. at Bitter Bar).


LATTICE \ WORK is an ongoing project that combines elements of simplicity, community and scale. This hands-on experience allows you to create a large, crystalline structure from nothing more than recycled 8½x11 printer paper and adhesive tape. This work by Chrissy and Morgan Liu-Packard engages people of all ages and abilities (ongoing at BMoCA).


You don’t have to be a mathematician to appreciate the beauty of equidistant lines and complex patters. Take a moment to create a one-of-a-kind image on this device by Andi Todaro that might remind you of a relic from childhood.

Sun Boxes

Twenty independently operating speakers each powered by solar energy, this environment comes to us from Craig Colorusso. Different loops in each box continuously play guitar notes, which together form a Bb chord. Because the loops are different in length, the piece slowly evolves over time (at various locations, including ATLAS, Boulder Public Library and Naropa University).

The Rainbow Sandwich Projectile Experience

Mondo Robot’s The Rainbow Sandwich Projectile Experience is a four-dimensional audiovisual projection adventure that fuses reality with imagination: an experience like you’ve never seen before (see it take over the Fox Theater marquee during QueerTopia!, Friday, 8:30 p.m.).

Welcome Seedlings

This installation by multimedia artist Matthew Ryan Barton uses a projector and speakers to produce sensible visual and audible wave energy that we can perceive with our eyes and ears (on display during Psych Out, Sunday, 9 p.m. at BMoCA).