Pagan Metalwork

Saturday April 18, 2015
  Starts at: 9:00 pm

$25 | Age: 21+

A midwestern double-header is set to warm things up, as Paul Fleetwood and Erika give the dance floor a taste of their expansive record collections. Fleetwood — a CMKY team member and Pittsburgh emigre — has become an unsung hero of sorts among discerning techno fans, while Erika champions her home city of Detroit and is well known for her work with the esteemed Interdimensional Transmissions / No Way Back imprint.

The intense pairing of Paula Temple and Orphx will take us through the heart of the night, injecting a dose of industrial-strength 4/4 into the mix. Orphx will have their modular rig in tow for a special live set, while Paula Temple is slated to deliver one of her signature hybrid live / DJ performances.

San Francisco’s Christina Chatfield, finally, will bring us back down to earth, closing out the night with a live PA that marries house and techno into a glorious union. Her all-hardware sets are rapidly becoming the stuff of legend, winning over fans everywhere with their elegant, yet rugged construction.

Not for the faint of heart, this is an event designed to strip techno back to its rawest form and then put the pieces back together.

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   Paul Fleetwood
   Paula Temple
   Christina Chatfield
   Jen Lewin
   Audio Pixel


   Apex Movement
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Boulder, CO 80301