We Shall Always Be Outside

Sunday April 19, 2015
  Starts at: 2:00 pm

Free | All Ages

After a snowy diversion last year, we return to Central Park this year for our annual Park Party!

Local producer FOANS will ease us into the afternoon with one of his remarkable live performances, which fuse together elements of house, IDM and ambient music to create something that sounds like all three of those things and none them all at the same time.

Then, Santa Fe mainstay Erin will the controls. Known for integrating global gems with sometimes heavy, sometimes heavenly beats and bass, she has a knack for stripping dance music to something we all can relate to.

San Francisco’s Stridah takes us into the evening portion of the program with the second live PA of the day, which will the depths of acid techno and bucolic house.

Finally, Voices From The Lake’s Neel will round out the night with an extended DJ set full of hypnotic rhythms and psychedelic techno vibes. A true technician behind the decks, we can’t think of a better artist to play the closing record at our 8th festival.

This event is free and open to the public.


   Erin E


   Central Park
1750 13th St.,
Boulder, CO 80302