Audio Pixel

Saturday April 18, 2015
  Starts at: 9:00 pm

AudioPixel started as a software project in 2008. Over several years, the project grew into a specialized production team, designing and lighting immersive stages at events around the world. 

We are a group of creative professionals, experienced from various fields related to art, software development, and interactive media. Past clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Yahoo!, GM, Microsoft, Nike, and Motorola. 

AudioPixel’s software and techniques are the solution for the problems that traditional event lighting gave up on. Revolutionary methods of control and audio-reactivity, developed alongside custom programming, allow us to create audiovisual experiences that are revolutionary compared to the limitations of standard lighting programs and consoles. 

Our dedicated team can craft unique interactive or live-audio lighting solutions for your tour, venue, or event. Please contact our creative developers and designers to consult on any lighting project that requires revolutionary thinking.


   Audio Pixel