The Communichords

Thursday April 16, 2015
  Starts at: 8:00 pm

As a multiplayer interactive audio/visual installation, Communichord allows anybody to walk up and take control of one of four “notes”. Each note is associated with an 8-foot tall light tube that changes color and oscillation relative to the pitch of each note. Each “note” can control the twelve notes in an octave, and notes change as each player moves their bodies closer or further from the installation. Lines are taped to the ground to instruct the active playable area for the “note”. The left-most note has the lowest pitch, while the right-most note has the highest pitch, and when multiple users join together, they create an audible chord with visual accompaniment and representation. When not being used, the light tubes will pulse to attract people to play. When an individual “note” goes unused for a period of time, its sound will swap out, allowing for continued discovery even with multiple uses by a single player.