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  • Merch Design by Josh Ivy
    Merch Design by Josh Ivy
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    Tony Z, 2014

CMKY 2015: Inner Space // Outer Space

Strap in. We aren’t going far, but we are going deep.


With nearly a century of space travel behind us, a universe filled with mysteries still awaits exploration by intrepid voyagers. Our prevailing obsession with getting off the rock, traveling to the stars, and reaching the new frontier has inspired a widespread mythos of outward expansion; but what is it that truly drives us to seek unknown answers at the edge of the beyond?

It seems that the further from home humanity ventures and the more we learn about our place in the universe, we reevaluate our sense of what is valuable in the present. Perhaps, then, the essential thing we are collectively seeking really rests nearby, infinitely closer and more human than we thought.

This year’s theme – Inner Space // Outer Space – is dedicated to the noetic* notion that the true final frontier actually rests within ourselves. Paradoxical though it may seem, the outer and inner spaces share deep commonalities that make them interdependent; as much as you understand one, you must also comprehend the other.

The CMKY 2015 program fosters a fertile ecosystem for internal reflection via the juxtaposition of organic, fluid electronics and gritty, driven techno. We aim to instigate a laboratory for the mind that urges participants to draw connections between seemingly disparate genres and styles. Furthermore, installations, workshops and the annual outdoor park party ensure that Communikey’s 8th edition will be an immersive experience, an opportunity to depart from “yourself” and explore their own inner world: a collective voyage into both inner and outer space.

CMKY 2015 is a platform for exploring where the internal and external create and reinforce one another, where the microscopic becomes macrocosmic, where the infinite cosmos become the individual.

Concept & Words by Carl Ritger, Evelyn Malinowski, Kate Lesta & Lauren Higgins


* derived from the Greek word nous which describes the intellectual mind, inner knowing, and practical wisdom. Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell founded the Institute for Noetical Sciences after experiencing what is called the Overview Effect, which has been a significant source for the development of this year’s theme.


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