CMKY Festival 2013 : Hello, Stranger!

In a world literally bombarded with connectivity how do we truly bond with one another?

What does intimacy mean in a digital age and in a global context?

Why is human connection important at all?

Never before has the inner-space of our social and cultural selves become so venerable, and at the same time, so removed from the hyper-mediated sandbox in which we all play. Self-creation is a prime mover in the socio-techno mobilization, but to only focus inward impedes our forward cultural motion. Inevitably, to successfully navigate our shared destiny and savor our full human capacity, we must also explore the infinite potential of those hearts and minds outside our own, freed from the shortcomings of mediated experience. To acknowledge the limitless possibility in a stranger’s eyes is to realize the full power of our own vision. For this reason, in 2013, Communikey is proud to present, Hello, Stranger.

Hello, Stranger asks, “How can we spawn true connectivity between people such that our notions of loneliness and “the stranger” can be balanced with a richer, deeper & unmediated person-to-person contact?”.

Hello, Stranger guides attendees and artists to ponder what day-to-day practices in our culture ultimately contribute to or diminish our ability to connect to one-another. With you, the festival program explores a sense of intimacy in a community setting–forging lasting relationships and memorable experiences as a foundation for collaboration within our communities and cities. We will play with notions of intimacy, closeness, estrangement and their relationship with creativity and expression–both personally and collectively.

We invite you to take some super human risks, explore your reservations, and invest in a meaningful connection with a stranger today.

Text by Lauren Higgins & Charles Kern
Concept by Kate Lesta & Lauren Higgins