Communikey (CMKY) is a Boulder-based interdisciplinary organization dedicated to social, cultural and ecological innovation through creative process. We facilitate forward thinking cultural experiences that emphasize the intersection of sound, design and technology in artistic forms. Communikey forges a creative exchange across cultures, backgrounds, and mediums while fostering the development of the local arts community.

2014 Festival Team:

Creative & Managing Director – Kate Lesta

Assistant Director – Matthew Krall

Production Manager – Justin Forthuber

Operations Manager – Erica Dixon

Technical Director – Bryan Gibbs

Design + Branding – Josh Ivy

Marketing Director – Carl Ritger

Finances – Jessica Brockish

Partnerships – Katie Harkins

Word on the Street – Brenda Alderete

ATLAS Programming & Partnership – David Schaal

Go to Guy – Trevor Holmes

CU Environmental Center – Hayley Dixon

Website – Rick Boykin

Catering – Lauren Ivey

Photography – Stephen Cardinale

Power Mom – Judi Lesta

Curatorial Committee – Kate Lesta, Brandon Brown, Matt Krall, Justin Forthuber, Carl Ritger, Steven Dermody, Erica Dixon

Student Alliance – Hayley Dixon, Garrett Widener, Jeffrey Caston

Sound – Whomp Truck, Paul Perry, Basscouch

2014 Tech Team – Dr. Charles Kern, Robert Fitzgerald, Seth Branum, Thomas Kamholz, Rick Boykin, Brandon Brown, Wallace Winfrey, Michael Lamirand, Vincent Miller, Relja Bobic, Joshua Smith

2014 Ops Team – Rachel Daly, Aubrey Kerr, Brittany Ansay, Andi Todaro, Erica Lindberg, Jonah Friedman, Steven Dermody, Devin Ralke, Matt Miner, Anastasia Nikolaou, Daniel Alvarado, Dave Silvas, Frank Footer, Jen Lee, Natalie Eckburg, Shilpi Gupta, Rosie Dooley, Raleigh Burleigh, Paul Fleetwood, Nicholas Taylor, Lisa Miles, Joshua Klomp, Jenny Davis, Michelle Gannon-Lamirand

ICAS Planning Team – Brittany Ansay, David Schaal, Taica Replansky, Audrey Powell

Synesthetic Dinner Theatre – Chef-Lauren Ivey, Sous Chef-Tony Zellaha, Production Manager-Kimberly Robertson, Set Designers-Cara Levic and Jess Webb, Master of Ceremonies-Nicholas Toll

Street Team – Chaz Anderson, Patrick Roskelley, Daniella Mohrer, Veronica Lamaak, Alex Whittier, Mike Aiello, Alexandros Ho Megas, Emily Cooper


A Very Special Thanks:

John Templeton, Lauren Higgins, Chris Henry & Tara Emery, The eTown Team, Gary McCrumb, Michael Theodore, Beverly Silva, Mark Gelband, Jill, Jessica & Jenn Emich, John Schaefer, Matthew Scarborough, CU Communikey Student Alliance, Charlotte LaSasso, Miroslav Wiesner, Lauren Higgins, Jahnavi Stenflo & Nathan Jantz, Dana Dupuis, Hannah Davis, Tamizdat, AfterHours Anonymous, Mother Earth Sound System, Our friends at madelife, Sarah Dawn Haynes, Joshua Santangelo, Marshall Demeranville III, Alala Wakelin, all of our families and loved ones, all the artists, participants and volunteers, All the ICAS festivals, and YOU!

Communikey is committed to nondiscrimination based on sex, race, creed, religion, national origin, color, disability, marital status, sexual orientation and gender variance for the purpose of service, employment, membership or leadership, including staff, volunteers, board and persons who receive our services.