CMKY Festival April 10-13 2014: Take Time.

Burnout, boredom and one-click satisfaction have created a culture of hollow, short-lived experiences. Daily life has become an endless information overload, leaving our attention spans trained to hold each passing moment hostage to our own desire for immediate gratification. By engaging our sense of patience and capacity to sustain, we likewise expand the profundity of our immediate experience.

With the 2014 edition of the Communikey Festival, we propose to set our sights beyond the fleeting cycles of modern life via a program that dives deep into long-form performance and intervention, in order to facilitate the opportunity for a deeper and more lasting dialogue between artist and audience. As a festival whose primary focus is sound and new music, we invite attendees to allow the pressure of time to fall away and suspend the expectation from each moment in hopes of making a given experience eternal.

Communikey Festival 2014 is a challenge to expand our capacity to engage.

Sound (and music, in particular) has come to express this alternately disorienting and inspiring openness through which all that is solid melts into aether. – David Toop, Ocean of Sound

Tutto è Santo. – The Books “Take Time” The Lemon of Pink


Concept developed by Kate Lesta.  Written by Charles Kern, Kate Lesta & Erica Dixon. Special mention to Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong, aka, The Books, for their everlasting impact on our work.