Synesthetic Dinner Theatre

As part of our programming for Communikey Festival 2014, we have developed a new conceptual performance environment that merges experimental music and locally sourced cuisine in a brocade of sensory experience. Dubbed the Synesthetic Dinner Theatre — a nod to Arthur C. Clarke’s film The Colours Of Infinity, which documents the discovery of the Mandelbrot Set — this event will take place at the Oddfellows Lodge in downtown Boulder.

Featuring a menu designed by Chef Lauren Ivey, who previously worked at the Abbott’s Cellar (CA), Poole’s Downtown Diner (NC) and Rioja (CO), the five course meal features musical accompaniment from Denver-based electronic musicians Ten And Tracer, offthesky and Radere. Each artist is currently developing a special performance piece inspired by their individual course.

Additionally, they are set debut their collaborative ROTSTAT project as part of the Synesthetic Dinner Theatre.

For curious appetites, the menu will feature the following:

To Begin

Eggplant + Parmesan Gougeres, Roasted Sweet Peppers

First Course

Poached Shrimp + Avocado Salad, Belgian Endive, Grapefruit, Tarragon Vinaigrette

Musical Accompaniment by Ten And Tracer

Second Course

Ricotta Gnocchi, Crispy Prosciutto, Braised Butter beans, Spinach, Basil Pesto

Musical Accompaniment by offthesky

Third Course

Duck, Creamy Leek Bread Pudding, Roasted Mushrooms, Blackberry Reduction

Musical Accompaniment by Radere

To Finish

Lemon Verbena + Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Poached Apricot, Almond Shortbread, Mint

Musical Accompaniment by ROTSTAT

Admission to the Synesthetic Dinner Theatre includes wine pairings to be selected by Chef Ivey.

Food FAQs:

Is there a vegetarian option?

Yes. A vegetarian option will be available. After purchasing your ticket(s), please write us at and identify how many vegetarian options you are requesting.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

Unfortunately, the individual nature of this installation prohibits us from accommodating every participant’s food allergies. If you have a food allergy, please review the menu and alert your server to any allergies you have.

Is your food organic? Local?

Chef Ivey will be sourcing the highest quality ingredients possible for this meal, which will include both local and organic foods. If you have a specific question, please contact

Ticketing FAQs:

Are there any extra charges in addition to the ticket price, like tips for servers?

No. Your admission, your meal, your wine pairing and gratuity are all included in the price of admission; although a $3 ticketing fee will be included when you checkout with Paypal.

This is expensive! Can I get a discounted ticket?

The ticket covers quality ingredients, the staff and artist fees. Think of your ticket like this: $80 = $35 food + $20 drinks + $17 tax / tip + $8 admission.

How do I buy tickets?

Click here to be taken to our ticketing page for Communikey Festival 2014, where you can buy festival passes, showcase tickets and secure your seat for the Synesthetic Dinner Theatre.

What’s the capacity? And how many seatings?

Capacity is just 48. There is only one seating for this event, so please arrive at 6pm sharp.

Can I get a refund for my tickets?

No. Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled.

Can I purchase tickets at the Oddfellows Lodge with cash?

No, reservations are presale only and ticket sales end on April 4th 2014.