The support from the Green Pass program and the Colorado Carbon Fund enabled Communikey to offset 50 metric tons of carbon emissions from the festival’s carbon footprint. This is 38 more metric tons then we were able to offset in 2010! Of the 80 metric tons of carbon emissions produced by festival transportation and operations, 76 are the result of air travel for artists (95%). The remaining four tons are from the operations in event venues, internal transportation and hospitality for visiting artists. With our 50 tons of offsetting, Communikey was able to completely offset all events and operations while making a dent in the sizable footprint of our artists’ flights.

Carbon offsets support projects that:

  • Increase energy efficiency in homes, offices and public transportation.
  • Generate energy from renewable resources like the sun, wind and biomass.
  • Modify factories and power plants to use fuels that emit less pollution.
  • Redirect wasted energy through congregation.
  • Capture carbon dioxide in forests and agricultural soils.

Where does this offsetting money go?
The money CMKY raised in 2011 assisted with the installation of solar collectors at two recreation centers by the City of Boulder.  Both have significant heating requirements for the pools and hot water systems. These solar-heated hot water projects are expected to offset nearly 28,000 therms of natural gas each year – the equivalent of natural gas use from 30 typical U.S. households – while reducing natural gas dependence by more than 40%, preventing approximately 152 metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

Maple Terrace Apartments (Loveland, CO): Communikey and CCF support this project that comprises 53 solar hot water panels that will heat up to 2,320 gallons of water per day for the 325+ residents.