Renewable Energy

Biodiesel Reactor built by CU Biodiesel.

The 2012 Communikey Festival will feature the use of a Biodiesel generator to power our free outdoor events. Biodiesel, although not perfect, reduces net carbon dioxide emissions by 78% compared to petroleum diesel, making it a great stepping stone toward a low impact power source for our festival.

Like many areas of the U.S., Boulder receives 70% of its electricity from the burning of coal, one of the largest producers of the carbon dioxide in the world. Additionally, coal mining and combustion have been linked to water contamination, aquatic life toxicity and ecosystem destabilization. Furthermore, with the rising concerns surround “peak oil” – i.e., when global oil production begins to decline and demand greatly outstrips supply – Communikey is committed to reducing the use of both grid-fed electricity and liquid fossil fuels though the support of renewable energy systems and efficiency improvements.

We will continue to investigate innovative ways of powering our events and increasing the efficiency of the energy resources that will be required. After all, for a culture so reliant on energy for our artistic expression, we must at least wonder how we will “plug in” in the years ahead.

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