The Studio (Boulder)
  3550 Frontier Avenue, Unit A2,
Boulder, Colorado 80301

The Studio Boulder is a collection of private workshops, offices, and short term desks contained within a greater collaborative, shared space. Behind the closed doors of our member’s spaces is where the work is done, but the public space has been designed to encourage creative collaboration. The Studio’s lounge, community kitchen, conference rooms, and mezzanine host inspired discussions and foster potential sharing of ideas.  At any time of day members might choose to seclude themselves, open up the workspace to the rest of the community, or mingle with other members in the common areas.

Dreamed up to bridge business, collaboration, privacy and gallery spaces, The Studio (Boulder) is a new kind of work environment built around a vision of a diverse and wonderful space that can support businesses and artists. Downtown spaces are close to other creatives can still feel isolated. Co-working spaces are great for collaborating but difficult when you might need a little privacy. None of these options are flexible enough for working artists or prototyping or the occasional event.

Designed with an “industrial chic” aesthetic by renowned artist and co-founder Jen Lewin, the space functions not only for community collaboration but also as a gallery. By keeping some of the raw, industrial elements of the space and combining it with high end finishes, natural light, art, a vintage airstream trailer and reclaimed materials the result is an old rustic feel with this very modern, industrial space.