Podcast 22: Moon Eagles

Posted: December 5, 2013



Moon Eagles is the stealth duo of longtime Denver techno favorites steofan and Time For Trees, who came together to deliver this surprise tag-team DJ set at the private gathering Gemini earlier this year. At the time, this pairing was quite the surprise. Those who had been privy to the party’s lineup ahead of time were left scratching their heads wondering who, exactly, these “Moon Eagles” fellas were. It all made sense once steofan and Time For Trees — who had just hours before gotten off a flight back home to Colorado from Baltimore — stepped into the DJ booth together. Opening on a softened note with a smattering of mellow ambience and subtle beats, it’s not long before this set finds the pair in familiar territory, laying down the sort of melodic, thoughtful techno they’ve built their respective reputations upon. These guys will be back in Boulder for the CMKY / Make Mistakes New Year’s Eve party later this month. In the meantime, please enjoy this extended session from two of Colorado’s finest.