The Yes, And…? Program: Boulder B-Cycle Partnership

Posted: April 17, 2012

Earlier, we introduced you to our Yes, And…? program, our initiative for reducing the Festival’s carbon footprint.¬†One of our most effective mechanisms for enacting instantaneous improvement in day-to-day festival operations and promoting attendee engagement in our Green efforts is the Bike Program; and this year, we’re rolling out our biggest Bike Program ever! We’ll have an even larger fleet of bikes to lend out, provided primarily through our partnership with the University of Colorado.

We’re also thrilled to announce our partnership with Boulder B-Cycle, a community non-profit bike sharing program…seemingly from the future. At CMKY 2012, festival goers will be able to take advantage of a fantastic promotion offered by B-Cycle. For only $10 they recieve the use of all B-Cycle bikes and infrastructure, citywide, for the duration of the festival!

To take advantage of this promotional offer, head over to the Boulder B-Cycle website and ¬†reserve your bike for the weekend. Use the promotional code COMMUNIKEY2012 (keep in mind, this is a case sensitive code) at check out and you’ll have access to B-Cycle’s bikes all weekend! Please note: you must register your credit card online and use that same card at all B-Cycle stations throughout the Festival.

Boulder is one of the most cyclist-friendly towns in the country, so please take advantage of our Bike Program. You’ll thank us!