YesAnd_Mission-2-198x300Yes, And…? is a 100% volunteer-driven program that supports Communikey’s sustainability efforts. We strongly believe in the importance of environmental stewardship and strive to integrate these values with Communikey’s efforts in the wider arts community. Communikey and Yes, And…? are committed to implementing ecologically sound and environmentally low-impact practices at all of our events, in order to preserve our planet and enable others to continue pushing the boundaries of cultural expression while promoting ecologically consciousness. In our effort to pursue a sustainable model, we feel that we must first understand our place within the dynamic systems that support diversity in life and culture.

We live in a period of increasing awareness and mainstream acceptance of the value of sustainable living practices. Yes, And…? is focused on incorporating these practices into our festival as a means to bring awareness to the environmental challenges we all face. Yes, And…? also strives to influence and inspire other organizations that we work with in order develop their own sustainability programs.

Our 5 Core Values:

  • Promote educational programs surrounding new innovative ideas and technologies that merge a sustainable and artistic future.
  • Foster an atmosphere of inclusion, multiculturalism, artistic vision and ecological sustainability.
  • Minimize the waste generated and divert whatever waste is created away from the landfill.
  • Minimize energy use and support renewable energy systems.
  • Provide transportation options that dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels.