Communikey (CMKY) is a Boulder-based interdisciplinary organization dedicated to social, cultural and ecological innovation through creative process. We facilitate forward thinking cultural experiences that emphasize the intersection of sound, design and technology in artistic forms. Communikey forges a creative exchange across cultures, backgrounds, and mediums while fostering the development of the local arts community.

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  • Diverted 80% of our 3,525 lbs of waste from the 2011 festival through our zero waste program.
  • The sale of 174 Green Passes to cover all basic costs of the CMKY Yes…And? program and provided enough to reinvest in future projects.
  • A park party powered by 100% Biodiesel.
  • Provided 30 bikes for artists and out-of-town staff for all 5 days of the festival.
  • Offset 50 metric tons of the 80 tons of CO2 produced from CMKY Festival and flight purchases in 2011.
  • Directly diverted petroleum usage by using bikes for human and equipment transportation, as well as fuel efficient cars for airport pick-ups.

With the purchase of a Communikey Green Pass in 2012, you are directly supporting the Yes, AND…? program and Communikey’s ongoing sustainability efforts, including:

  • Carbon offsetting the energy footprint of our events and transportation needs. All offset proceeds go to local renewable energy projects in the state of Colorado.
  • Operating full scale zero waste programs at every event.
  • Providing rental bicycles for festival staff, artists and attendees.
  • Bio-fueling our outdoor picnic and all night events.
  • Increasing accessibility of public transportation to participants.
  • Partnering with local forward-thinking sustainability organizations.
  • Focusing on re-usable and recycled materials.