Communikey (CMKY) is a Boulder-based interdisciplinary organization dedicated to social, cultural and ecological innovation through creative process. We facilitate forward thinking cultural experiences that emphasize the intersection of sound, design and technology in artistic forms that are under-represented. Communikey forges a creative exchange across cultures, backgrounds, and mediums while fostering the development of the local arts community.

2015 Festival Team

Creative & Managing Director – Kate Lesta
Assistant Director – Matthew Krall
Production Manager – Rick Boykin
Technical Director – Vance Galloway
Art Director – Josh Ivy
Marketing Director – Carl Ritger
Finances – Jessica Brockish
Partnerships – Katie Harkins
Word on the Street – Brenda Alderete
Go to Guy – Trevor Holmes
Website – Brittany Ansay
Catering – Lauren Ivey
Photography – Stephen Cardinale
Volunteer Coordinator – Jenny Davis
Artist Management – Aubrey Kerr
Recordings & Audio Archivist – Brandon Brown
Bar Managers – Tara Emery, Ariel Van Spronsen & Rachel Daly
PA Provider – Starborne Sound
Operations Support – Kimberly Robertson

Student Alliance – Andrew Morrisett, Alexander Klinger

ATLAS Partnership – Michael Theodore & David Schaal

Curatorial Committee – Kate Lesta, Brandon Brown, Matthew Krall, Carl Ritger, Rick Boykin, Katie Harkins

Tech Team – Robert Fitzgerald, Seth Branum, Brandon Brown, Wallace Winfrey, Vincent Miller, Evan Diehl, Drew Bull, Levi Macy, Max Beck-Keller, Colin Chapman, Sam Peterson

Ops Team – Andi Todaro, Erica Lindberg, Jonah Friedman, Daniel Alvarado, Frank Footer, Raleigh Burleigh, Paul Fleetwood, Veronica Lamaak, Chad Wallace, Renee Shure, Andrew Piasecki, Kayla Murray, Karen Wennberg, Bill Rodgers, Lauren Ciovacco, Alex Whittier, Jill Brewer, Andrew Keinhard, Kyle Pennell, Hayden Widener, Deeda Browning, Michael Jones, Sabrina Marie Scanga.

Installation Team – Jess Webb, Trevor Holmes, Christopher Cole, Sean Peuquet, Rob Fitzgerald & Nicholas Toll.

Advice, emotional support, patience & a shoulder to cry on – Evelyn Malinowski, Daniel Bradley & Sojin Lim

Thank you to our donors:
Chris Jones, Chad Wallace, Kimberly Robertson, Katie Harkins, Earl Robertson, Carpe Sonum Records, We Are OH Studios,

Continued Gratitude:
Judi Lesta, Lauren Higgins, Chris Henry, Liberty Shellman & Alexis Cooley, The eTown Team, Gary McCrumb, Mark Gelband, CU Communikey Student Alliance, Charlotte LaSasso, Bryan Kasenic, Jahnavi Stenflo & Nathan Jantz, Marshall Demeranville III, Alala Wakelin, all of our families and loved ones, all the artists, participants and volunteers, All the ICAS festivals, and YOU!

And To Our 2015 Partners:
Starborne Sound, Headphone Commute, Boulder International Fringe Festival, Little White Earbuds, DJ Broadcast, Justin’s, Frasca Food & Wine, ATL&S, Suerte Tequila, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery,eTown, Ear Candy Music, Resident Advisor, Apex Movement, Apollo Ink, Boulder County Arts Alliance, Madelife, Green Ride, ICAS.

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People all over the world come to Communikey because they value innovation through creative process and connecting with fellow music and art lovers. In order to best serve our audience and maintain our vision, CMKY is proud to be a volunteer-driven, community-powered and community-funded organization.

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