2015 Acts

Communikey Festival, 8th Edition

  • Clinker

    Edmonton, Canada

    clinker homepage

    Gary James Joynes, also known by his performing moniker Clinker, has been active in the electronic and experimental music performance community for years. He has… More

  • Michael Jones

    Boulder, CO

    michael jones on soundcloud

    Michael jones has been selecting since hearing songs on the radio from the back seat of his mother’s T-Bird in late sixties Los Angeles, California. … More

  • Derek Russo

    Denver, CO

    derek russo on soundcloud

    Known for his unique, far-reaching DJ sets and mix CD’s, Derek Russo, aka DJ Russo, is one of Colorado’s best DJ’s. Not limited to one… More

  • Charles Cohen

    Philadelphia, PA

    charles on soundcloud

    Hailing from Philadelphia, Charles Cohen is a musician and composer whose work straddles the line between electronic experimentation and the unfettered philosophy of free jazz.… More

  • Segue

    Vancouver, Canada

    segue on soundcloud

    Segue is Jordan Sauer from Vancouver, Canada. With a background in classical violin and guitar he now enjoys making compositions and soundscapes on his computer.… More

  • Erika

    Detroit, MI

    erika on soundcloud

    Erika dreams on the cellular level, or perhaps of transdimensional intelligences moving through strange patterns on celestial objects, working towards a mysterious goal. Her connection… More

  • Lichens

    Brooklyn, NY

    lichens on soundcloud

    Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is an artist and multi-instrumentalist who works with voice in the realm of spontaneous music often, under the moniker of Lichens.… More

  • Jamie McCue

    Vancouver Island, Canada

    jamie mccue on soundcloud

    Jamie McCue is the founder and curator of Silent Season, an electronic music label inspired by the natural surroundings of British Columbia.
    The sounds of Silent… More

  • Time for Trees

    Baltimore, MD and Denver, CO

    time for trees on soundcloud

    Time for Trees (Joshua Smith) is a techno producing, label managing, festival co-creating, sound designing fellow who loves peace and quiet interrupted only by the… More

  • Neel

    Rome, Italy

    neel on soundcloud

    Italian producer Neel (Giuseppe Tillieci) creates fast-paced ambient techno, works in the technical side of music production, and collaborates with Donato Dozzy as Voices from… More

  • Experimental Housewife

    Boulder, CO and Berlin, Germany

    experimental housewife on soundcloud

    Experimental Housewife, or ExHouse depending on the occasion, is a playful yet potent force. Mixing a variety of genres together, ExHouse’s hope is to offer surprise… More

  • ponyrok

    Denver, CO

    ponkyrok on soundcloud

    With a strong musical background in drums and percussion, ponyrok seeks to make music that pushes the listener forward and drives on the dance floor.… More

  • Danthon

    Vancouver Island, Canada

    danthon on youtube

    The first glimpses of early morning light draw you away from the party. Dew is slowing turning to rain as the thunder of bass fades… More

  • Normal Ones

    Boulder, CO

    normal ones on soundcloud

    Since 2006, Normal Ones have sought to find a unique approach when presenting their music, which they believe is best experienced in a live context. Their visceral, emotive live electronic… More

  • Orphx

    Hamilton, Canada

    orphx on soundcloud

    One of the most highly respected acts in both techno and industrial circles, Orphx have been developing their signature fusion of hypnotic rhythms and experimental… More

  • Jen Lewin

    Boulder, CO


    Jen Lewin is an internationally renowned light and interactive sculptor whose studio is located in Boulder, Colorado. Over the last 15 years, Lewin has honed… More

  • Brandon Brown

    Boulder, CO

    brandon brown on soundcloud

    Originally hailing from Washington, DC, Brandon has spent the past 16 years developing an eclectic and unique musical style aimed at striking the perfect balance… More

  • Max P.F.F.P.

    Denver, CO

    max pffp on soundcloud

    P.F.F.P– a DJ who delights in the world of stomping, caustic and psychedelic techno, as well as downbeat-driven space out jams. However, he has been… More

  • Christina Chatfield

    San Francisco, CA

    christina on soundcloud

    Christina Chatfield is a producer and performer of techno and house music based out of San Francisco, California.
    She is an avid user of both hardware… More

  • Alicia Gibb

    Boulder, CO


    Alicia Gibb is an advocate for open hardware, researcher, and a hardware hacker. Alicia has worked within the open source hardware community since 2008. She… More

  • Paul Fleetwood

    Pittsburgh, PA and Denver, CO

    paul fleetwood on soundcloud

    Paul began DJ’ing in 2001, becoming a semi-professional in 2003 with his first handful of paying gigs, in addition to a guest spot on Pittsburgh… More

  • Cacheflowe

    Denver, CO

    cacheflowe at oh heck yeah

    Bridging the gap between any number of genres, CacheFlowe creates genre-skewing electronic music while recording and performing with a number of side-projects and collaborations. Producing… More

  • Stridah

    Santa Cruz, CA

    stridah on soundcloud

    Hailing from the fogs of Santa Cruz, California, Stridah has been very busy the past few years. As the resident DJ and booking agent for the… More

  • Paula Temple

    Berlin, Germany

    paula on soundcloud

    A self-confessed Noisician, Paula Temple arrived in 2013 with the monumental Colonized EP on R&S Records and the “Human Drama” remix for Planningtorock.

    2014 brought Deathvox, the second… More

  • Audio Pixel

    Boulder, CO

    Audio Pixel

    AudioPixel started as a software project in 2008. Over several years, the project grew into a specialized production team, designing and lighting immersive stages at events… More


    Denver, CO

    foans on soundcloud

    One may be able to pick up on the atmosphere of Denver and surrounding area in the work of elusive FOANS. This fractional, clean, and… More

  • Erin E

    Santa Fe, NM

    erin e on soundcloud

    Erin E brings an ear for unique sounds to her energetic and genre-bending DJ sets. Integrating global gems with sometimes heavy, sometimes heavenly beats and bass,… More

  • Radere

    Denver, CO

    radere on soundcloud

    Radere is the alias of Carl Ritger, a sound artist currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. Inspired by notions of stasis and chance, he… More

  • Refracted

    Berlin, Germany

    refracted on soundcloud

    Deep rhythms and atmospheric elements have always played a major role in Refracted’s music. Be it through hypnotic grooves or mesmerizing soundscapes, the journey is… More

  • Lone Dancer

    Denver, CO

    lone dancer on soundcloud

    With influences reaching from R&B and Funk to experimental electronic music, Lone Dancer productions are varied but share a specific aesthetic: stripped dance tracks that… More

  • Roger That

    Denver, CO

    roger that on soundcloud

    Roger Soave worked at bar25, K7 and currently at Twist & Shout Record shop in Denver. Head of The Playground label.

  • Sean Peuquet

    Denver, CO

    Sean Peuquet at ludicsound.com

    Positive musical experiences often elicit feelings of transcendence— of being outside oneself, of non-verbal connection with others, or even feelings of a complete, unified sense of… More

  • Pax Amo

    Denver, CO

    pax amo on soundcloud

    Long time music enthusiast Seth Nichols has been digging in music relentlessly throughout life. Music has always been a major player for him, with early… More