Finale CMKY Festival For Communikey To Take Place In Boulder, CO

Posted: March 20, 2015

On the eve of our 8th edition, the team behind CMKY Festival has been in deep discussion around what the future may hold. While Communikey has become a vehicle for collaboration and creativity across disciplines and cultures, but still we must ask: What is next? What supersedes ‘festival?’ What is the next platform for interdisciplinary cultural expression?

After much evaluation, we have decided that the 8th edition of CMKY Festival will be the finale of this series as it has existed in Boulder, USA. This decision is one focused on saying “yes” to the unknown and an acknowledgement of the countless possibilities that await Communikey. These possibilities will be fully realized only if we allow ourselves to take a step back and rethink the framework we have grown so accustomed to over these last eight years. We are ready for the next iteration of CMKY, where our organization and community are enabled to reach our next and greater potential. We are ready to explore the next frontier.

We are dedicated to nurturing the space that has been held by this festival as we recognize that Communikey has been a valuable and even sometimes life-changing experience for our participants. Within that we encourage all participants to use this finale as a springboard to self-organize ideation spaces within this year’s events to discuss the question, “what is next?”

We invite you to join us this year in Boulder, Colorado USA, from April 16-19, 2015, to celebrate both what has been built here and what the future has to offer.

Communikey did not begin with a festival and it will not end with a festival. We wish for Communikey to be an ever-evolving vehicle for our projects and ideas, for individuals to connect, grow, and learn. We are excited for the next stage in our evolution and we hope you will join us on the journey.

CMKY Festival 2015 will be held at various locations across Boulder, Colorado USA, including:

eTown Hall : Madelife : Apex Movement : ATLAS Institute : Shine

The Studio (Boulder) : Oddfellows Lodge : Central Park