The Yes, And…? Program: Designing Our Future

Posted: April 17, 2012



Yes, And…? is a 100% volunteer program that supports the sustainability efforts of the Communikey Festival and the broader arts advocacy organization of Communikey. We recognize that the importance of being a good environmental steward includes providing a culturally relevant voice to the arts community. In our effort to pursue a sustainable festival design, we must first understand our place within the dynamic systems that support diversity in life, culture and perspective. It is of utmost importance for Communikey to maintain a commitment to ecologically sound and low-impact practices in order to preserve this diversity and enable others to continue pushing the boundaries of cultural expression.

Your Communikey Green Pass supports the continued efforts of the Yes, And…? Program. Take a quick peek at what your support helped us achieve in 2011, as well as what we have in store for 2012!

In 2011, via the sale of 95 Green Passes, Yes, And…? was able to:

• Provide a recycling and compost program in all of our venues
• Successfully divert 80% of our 3,525 lbs of waste from the festival
• Produce two events powered by 100% Biodiesel
• Provide bikes for all artists and staff for all five days of the festival

Plus, with the help of the Colorado Carbon Fun, Communikey offset 50 metric tons (62.5%) of the 80 tons of Carbon Dioxide produced by the Festival and flight purchases!



For the 2012, we’ve done our best to step things up. Expect to see the following initiations at next weekend’s CMKY Festival:

• An increase in the number of bikes in our CMKY Bike Program for artists and Staff
• A partnership with Boulder B-Cycle, providing discounted bike rental to all festival attendees
• 3 biodiesel powered events
• New zero waste infrastructure to improve our waste diversion from landfills
• 50% more educational events
• A 50% increase in Yes, And…? rockstar volunteers
• Plans to offset even more of our carbon footprint than on 2011

Te full 2012 Yes, And…? program here.

Don’t forget, you can get involved in Yes, And…?! Any of the following steps on your part will help us strengthen the program and reduce our carbon footprint even more:

• Rent a B-Cycle bike for use during the festival. Click here for more information about our bike program.
• Use the zero waste stations at all of our venues.
• Green your Communikey Festival pass. Click here to purchase a Green Pass!
• Come meet our friendly zero waste and bike crew during the festival, or attend one of our many educational events.
• If you have any creative ideas about what Yes, And…? can become, contact us with your project ideas at yesand [at] communikey [dot] us.

As a closing note, we wanted to share these sentiments from Jeffrey Caston, a Yes, And…? Volunteer who is currently attending Colorado University:

It was last year when I moved to Boulder and discovered how forward thinking and enjoyable the Communikey community and people truly are. The thing that makes Communikey so special to me is not only the people who are involved and the music that we continue to bring to Boulder, but also our dedication to building a sustainable future. Yes, Communikey puts together an amazing festival; but we do so with an understanding that everything in our world is interconnected. We emphasize the importance of acting in a sustainable manner that preserves resources for future generations to come, which is required for the continuation of the human species.

We can’t wait to see everyone next weekend for the Festival! Travel safe.